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Equipment interfacing can mean different things to different people. Interfacing is the process in which any laboratory instrument/analyzer would be inter-connected to a Laboratory Information Management Software (LIMS). We provide much greater value and capability than simply capturing results from instruments and transferring them to LIMS, HMS, or ERP. We automate (and optimize where needed) the analytical testing process for peak efficiency, quality and compliance.

Our Equipment interfacing package is an easy to deploy, easy to use, configurable, compliant instrument interfacing solution. No user programming is required to implement and integrate the instrument interfacing solution with LIMS. Instrument interfacing can be majorly classified into two types based on modes of operation: Unidirectional and Bi-directional. InterLink Incorporates both modes for operation.


  • Capture complete Haemogram and Histograms data from cell counter
  • Capture/Print Histogram & Scatterogram Graphs in colour.
  • Avoid Human typing errors. Automatic transmission of data makes error free reports
  • Modify captured data as per your requirement, change reference ranges
  • See visit wise Haemogram and Histogram of a patient for comparing values.


Cell Counters
Sysmex XN 550/350/330(Uni/Bi) MEK 9100/6420(Uni) Coulter HL750(Uni/Bi)
Sysmex SX 800i/1000i (Uni) Advia 2120(Uni/Bi) Pentra ES60/XL80(Uni)
Sysmex XP300/100(Uni) CellTac(Uni) Mindray BC 8000/5300/ 5150/5000/3000(Uni)
Sysmex KX21(Uni) Coulter Act Diff 3 Part/5 Part (Uni/Bi) Cell Dyne(Uni)
Cobas C6000 (Uni/Bi) BS 300/380/400 (Uni/Bi) BA400 (Uni/Bi)
Cobas 400 (Uni/Bi), Cobas C311(Uni) Konelab (Uni/Bi) Vitros 250/350 (Uni/Bi)
AU 400/480 (Uni/Bi) Erba EM 200/360 (Uni/Bi) Sysmex BX3010( Uni/Bi)
Dimension RL MAX (Uni/Bi) Erba XL 200/360 (Uni) SPHERA CHEM(Uni/Bi)
BS 120/200 (Uni/Bi) BA200(Uni/Bi) BT1500 (Uni/Bi)
Immuno Assay
Cobas e411 (Uni/Bi) Advia Centaur CP (Uni/Bi) Mini Vidas/Vidas (Uni)
Advia Centaur (Uni/Bi) Access 2 (Uni/Bi) Vitros Eci 250/350 (Uni/Bi)
HbA1c D10 ABG 248 (Uni) Uri Plus 600/900
Gem 3000 /4000(Uni) Urisys 1800/2400 (Uni) A25/A15(Uni)

Note: Any other instrument not mentioned in the list can be interfaced for Unidirection and/or Bidirection on request